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If you are charged with a felony and eligible for bail, call Aftermath Bail Bonding right away! Our 24/7 bail agents are here to help you, no matter how much your bail costs. Call 813-248-9300 for felony bail bonds.

Our licensed and professional bail bondsmen at Aftermath Bail Bonding are eager to assist you navigate bail for a felony charge. It is important to note that there are two primary classes of crime in the state of Florida: misdemeanor crimes and felony crimes. While misdemeanor crimes carry a light punishment due to the less serious nature of the offense, felony crimes carry a much more serious outcome and have higher penalties. Their levels of seriousness, from least to greatest, are as follows:

  • Third degree felonies

  • Second degree felonies

  • First degree felonies

  • Life felonies: almost never qualify for bail and incur life sentencing in prison without parole

  • Capital felonies: almost never qualify for bail, and are punishable by death (murder, high treason, human trafficking, severe child abuse are starting points for capital crimes)

As you can imagine, people charged with most other felonies are eligible for bail. Along with misdemeanor crimes, the judge will be inclined to consider your past criminal record, whether you are a flight risk or a danger to the public, and numerous other factors to determine your specific bail amount in the state of Florida. Some examples of felony crimes within Florida could include:

  • Aggravated battery of a law enforcement officer

  • Murder

  • Selling drugs to a minor

  • Theft of an automobile

  • Severe domestic violence

  • Carrying a handgun without a permit

Don’t delay in contacting us at Aftermath Bail Bonding, as your felony charges are serious and require only the best service and attention to detail in order to secure your freedom and provide you with the best possible outcome. We are quick to respond, no matter the time day or night, and we are dedicated to keeping the lines of communication open for you and your loved ones. Let us give you the help you need and deserve for your felony charges today.

Fast, Quality Customer Service

At Aftermath Bail Bonding, we understand the anxiety you or your loved one are going through. Let our experienced team of bail agents help you handle the financial burden with felony bail bonds. We have more than 25 years of experience providing bail bond services in eastern, central and southeastern Florida. Our bail bondsmen know Florida laws backwards and forwards, so we can help you navigate the confusing justice system.

If you’re overwhelmed and need felony bail bonds call Aftermath Bail Bonding. We work 24/7 to get you out of jail and back with your family. Call 813-248-9300 for felony bail bond assistance.

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